Hoa vô thường_Karkade_Zobo drink

Another name: Hibiscus, Jamaica sorrel, karkade (Egyptian hibiscus tea), karkadi, red sorrel, red tea, rosa de Jamaica, rosella, roselle, soborodo, sour tea, Zobo drink. (from wiki)

Step1: Peel the calyx and remove the seed capsule. wash with cool water

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Step2: 0.5 kf of sugar fo 1kg of Karkade


Step 3: After 5 or 6 days, separate the liquid and the calyx. Stir the calyx for around 5 mins to until sugar is getting condensed, we will have hibiscus jam.

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Boil the liquid over medium heat for 5 mins. Put it in a glass bottle. Tah dahhhhhhhh! :”>


There are many other versions of this drink. Here are several recipes of those.

1. Roselle juice/drink tea: 

  • Ingredients

20 roselle calyx

2l water

3-4 tbsp caster sugar, to taste

Honey (optional)

– Firstly, peel the seed out of the calyx. You can just use your fingers but be careful as some parts of the seeds are prickly.

– Place roselle and water in a large pot and boil over medium high heat for 15-20 minutes. The longer you boil it, the more concentrate the juice will taste.

– Stir in sugar, to taste.

– Allow to cool to room temperature, then chill in fridge and serve with lots of ice cubes. If you like, you can   add some honey before serving.

2.   Cold Brew Jamaica (Hibiscus iced tea): Makes 1 quart

  • Ingredients

1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers (about 1/2 ounce or 15 grams)

1 cinnamon stick

4 cups cold water

2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup simple syrup

Lime wedges (optional, for serving)

– Place the hibiscus and cinnamon stick in a large jar or bowl. Add water. Cover and refrigerate overnight (8 to 12 hours). Add simple syrup to taste. Strain out the solids and serve over ice with a squeeze of lime, if desired.

– Store the brewed jamaica covered in the refrigerator for up to one week.

– Recipe notes: 

  • You can substitute honey, agave or your sweetener of choice in place of the simple syrup. (Start with 1 tablespoon and add more to taste.)
  • Other aromatics you can steep in your jamaica: sliced fresh ginger, star anise, orange peel, allspice, or lemongrass.

3. Zobo drink:

  • Ingredients: Preparation time: 30mins | Serving: 8 to 12 persons

Zobo Leaves (medium bowl full).

Ginger (4 to 5 medium sizes).

Sweet Pineapples (medium size) or (foster Clark’s Pineapple flavor).

Sweetener or sugar to taste (optional).

– Hand-pick every unwanted substance from the zobo leaves and then proceed to wash (don’t soak before washing) and transfer into the cooking pot, start cooking with about 5 liters of water.

– Cook for about ten minutes before you add the ginger, you can chop them into tiny bit or grind with a kitchen blender. Do the same to the pineapples, what you need is just the pineapple juice, you can squeeze out the juice or slice the pineapple to tiny bits and also add to the cooking pot.

– If you don’t have enough sweet pineapples you can add few cubes of sugar but if you don’t have pineapples at all, you can buy foster Clark’s pineapple flavor and use few drops, it already contained sugar.

– Cook for another ten to fifteen minutes before you taste the zobo, if it does taste alright then filter and refrigerate.

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