5 centimeters per second – Makoto Shinkai




Chapter 1: On cherry blossoms


– They say it’s five centimeters per second.

– What is ?

– The speed of a falling cherry petal. Five centimeters per second.

– Huh …

– You didn’t know ?

– No.

– I read it in a compendium the other day. It also had other things. Like … Rain is five meters per second. And clouds are one centimeter per second. And …

– Clouds ? That’s how fast they move in the sky ?

– No, it’s how fast they fall.

– Clouds ? They fall ?

– Yea. They look like they’re floating but actually they’re falling. Clouds are a bunch of tiny droplets. They get bigger bit by bit as they slowly descend before turning into rain or snow and falling to the earth.

– Hrmm

– … Hrmm

– Hey I didn’t make that face.

– Hee hee hee!

– Wait up! Akari!

– Takaki, I hope next year we can see the cherry blossoms together again.


Chapter 2: Restless
Chapter 3: Distant memories
Chapter 4:Kanae’s feelings
Chapter 5:Cosmonaut
Chapter 6:To be your number one …
Chapter 7:End theme_1
Chapter 8:End theme_2
Chapter 9:End theme_3
Chapter 10:One more time, one more chance

Epigoue:A poem of the sky and sea


– How long has it been since you moved here, Ryo?

– Almost two years.

– Are you glad you came ?

– Hmm, yeah, I did come wanting to surf here. I mean, sure, there are a lot of incoveniences, but I’m pretty happy with how things are.

– uhhuh

– You like it here too, Kanae ? Isn’t it rare for people to stay ?

– I don’t know. When I went to school in Kagoshima, my sister transferred there at the same time, so we lived together. I didn’t really adjust to the city so I came back here for my job.

– I bet you missed the waves.

– I don’t know. I like surfing too, but it’s different from the way a pro like you feels about it, Ryo. The farthest away I’ve been is Fukuoka and Okinawa. I couldn’t even go on our class trip because I had a fever …

– Huh? So you don’t travel ?

– Nope, too expensive. I just come to the beach on days off, anyway. But looking at the stars like this and visiting my high school the other days, it makes me wonder … Will I be on this island my whole life ? Are there no other options for me ? I worried about the stuff in my teens, didn’t I ? I’ve come this far without ever facing it, haven’t I ?

– Didn’t you say becoming a nurse was your biggest decision ever ? That you studied damn hard ?

– Well… There was a boy I liked from middle school through high school. It was totally one-sided though. He’d moved here from Tokyo. He’d walk with me and smile kindly, but it always seemed like his mind pointed somewhere far away. He was like a star in the sky, seemingly close by, but shining from an impossible distance. Heh, that sounds really cheesy, but … That’s why even back then, somewhere in my heart I knew I’d never reach him. And I think my “love” was all mixed up with a longing for a bigger world I didn’t know. Especially, lately I’ve been remembering him. When he left the island for Tokyo, he told me when his flight was. I was finally able to tell him how I felt. But … I was only able to say it because I knew I would never see him again. After that, I took a part-time job and studied … I guess I was forcing myself to look forward and broaden my horizons. But that determination just grew weaker and weaker, and here I am … Sorry, this is weird stuff.

– So do you still love that guy ?

– Huh?

– That’s where you’re going with this ?

– No, no! That was like, ten years ago … Hm … But … I don’t know. I’ve tried to have relationships, but it never worked out. Back then, every day , all my emotions faced him to bursting, but I can’t feel that strongly about anyone now. Though maybe that’s because I’ve grown up. So when I hit a rough patch with someone, I just give up without trying to work things out… Lately, there hasn’t even been that. I’m just coasting while time passes me by. It’s calm without all those storms but I also feel anxious.

– So, you must be at a loss, getting asked out by a guy who knows nothing about that.

– … Mm …

– Not that I don’t understand what you’re saying. There are guys who feel that way too. Maybe I don’t set the bar as high as you do for falling in love. I can like someone without worrying about stuff, I think.

– This is a nasty question, but … what do you like about me ?

– You’re cute.

– …

– You’re cute, but you’re indecisive, and there’s something vague about you, I thought. But your having flaws too drew me in and made me like you. I feel that way even more listening to you now. I was like, “Oh, Jeez, why is she dumping this heavy stuff on me, this is so frustrating to listen to”, but also, “She’s so serious and awkward and sincere, and even cuter”. Maybe that sounds shallow, but don’t people need shallow at times ?. If being on the island brings you down, leave it. If a guy is stuck in your heart, don’t force yourself to forget. There’s nothing besides yourself that’s holding you back. Maybe put your thoughts on hold and try being with me a bit ? If it doesn’t work for you, you can just tell me so. That’s what I think.

– … Thanks. Could I have some time ? … Just … a little…


Is it right to start a new day by finally having finished this comic book ? :|I hate the ending. T_T Is that person Tohno ? Do Kanae and Tohno meet up ? Have Akari been married ? T_T aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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