What is your acne telling you?

To be summarized:
– Upper forehead: links to digestive system (large intestine and bladder). You should consume more antioxidant rich foods and drinks including green tea, lemon water and berries.
– Lower forehead: associated to mind, spirit: irregular sleeping patterns, stress, depression, bad blood circulation, etc.
– Nose: associated to your heart. Blood pressure or stress causes Acnes on nose.
– Ears: taking too much salt and caffeine or lacking of water cause kidneys trouble.
– Eyebrow: reflect to the liver. It’s caused by high-fat diet and alcohol.
– Right cheek: corresponds to the lung. Acnes are caused by allergies, respiratory stress, smoking so take care of your respiratory system, avoid smoking or smoking area, etc.
– Mouth and center of chin: links to the stomach, small intestine. It’s caused by eating too much fast food or constipation. You should have more fresh food with high fibers such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain food
– Sides of the chin: associated with reproductive organ and kidneys, hormonal imbalance, menstrual cycle, overwork of kidneys.


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