Descendants of the Sun – my favourite conversation

– Why did you have to defend me ? Who told you to do that ? Who told you to take that responsibility ?
– Because of me, someone’s life was ruined….
– I didnt do it because of you. You thought that I had done it because of a girl ? No. I did it because of my honor. This is my job. At the moment I had wore this suit, I prepared for an untold death, to protect others lives, to protect my country. My decision at that time included all of that reasons. And I have never regretted for my action. But that was not an excuse for the fact that I broke the rule. And for that I obviously had to take the punishment. I have not had a single word of complaint.

– Did you finish that movie on that day ?
– No I didnt.
– Why ?
– Because I wanted to watch it with somebody ….By the way, I would never watch a famous movie with a man. Because everywhere I have gone since then, they posted news, advertisements…. all of that has reminded me of this Yoo Shi Jin ….
– …
– What ?… why are you looking at me like that ? …. you seem to really want to drink this wine bottle? :))
– Hm… there is another way to drink …
*kiss scence*

(After the kiss scence)
When I kissed that time without your permission…
(She tries to cut him off to stop talking about it but he steels his gaze and asks)
What should I do ? Should I say sorry to you or confess?

Whenever I see you
Everything seems to stop
I dont know when I begin to be like this.
Suddenly one day you came like a dream
Make my heart flutter
I realize it’s destiny

I love you.
Do you hear it?
Only you.
Close your eyes
Your love came to me like a wind.
Whenever, wherever you are
Dont understand why I love you. Though being pushed away
My heart only has you
I love you
Do your hear it ?
Only you
Close your eyes
Though everything has changed, one thing remains
It’s the love between you and me

Though you only come back in a short while
Though you appear like a flash
It’s fine
I’m always here waiting for you
I love you.
Pls dont forget.
Only you
My confession from tears
Your love came to me like a wind.
Whenever, wherever you are



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