How Obin prepared for the Toeic Test

I did 2 sample tests (actually one and a half) before taking the real test to get familiar with the test structure. The following are several tips I used to get the score of 805 in Toeic General test (The truth is that I did 2 Ielts test before. Therefore I obviously had some foundation despite my first time taking the Toeic test). I think that if I have had more time to practice and was not too lazy, I could get higher score. There were a lot of questions I missed during Listening Section because my mind was wandering at that time. 😦 For Reading Section, I completed all question just 5 mins early.

The Book I use to practice is Toeic practice exams of Barron’s
Part 1: Incomplete sentence: Prepare your grammar well. Most of them related to the grammar knowledge.
Part 2: Text completion: find the suitable words to fill out the letter or form or announcement.
Part 3: Reading comprehension: Read the questions first, skim the paragraph to find the word you see in the question from the paragraph. Read several sentences around the key word you have just found.
Part 1: Photographs: Look at the picture, think of any vocabularies related to that picture, name as many as you can the objects, people in that picture. Then listen to their description.
Part 2: Question – Response: Pay attention to the question word (where, when, how…. yes-no question) then listen to the response to find the answer.
Part 3: Conversation: Spend 7 – 10s before to check the question and possible answers in the question booklet. Some you might got the answer not followed the order. While he/she is speaking each question for you to find the answer, use that time gap to check for the next questions. They divide each conversation by a group of 3 questions.
Part 4: Talks: Do like part 3

To calculate your Toeic Score: <a></a>

According to this conversion table, I did wrong 25 questions in Listening section and 12 questions in Reading section. T_T


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