[! $?Tet]

Received a song from a friend. Holiday is coming… My friends – true ones, they add colors into my life. Xuân đang về rất gần trong từng mắt người ngược xuôi trên phố Mang theo làn gió hiền của ngàу bình уên theo đôi én về Lời hát trôi theo cánh diều ru chiều sắp […]

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[Y&I] Meant to be…

(~^_^~) The fool tends to love more, do more… I am already a fool to follow this road, being in Germany … but… I … I have no regret, even though they laughed at me for being a fool and it hurt me but that kid in me has kept me going this far. They […]

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[Love] Love in everything

A year indeed changed me a lot! 🙂 I put love into everything I do. It hurts of course but it’s worth it for my personal growth… You are part of it too. I guess I put my love in you and it has grown without my noticing… “We’re all hoping, we’re all hopeless We’re […]

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