[Y&I] Meant to be…

(~^_^~) The fool tends to love more, do more… I am already a fool to follow this road, being in Germany … but… I … I have no regret, even though they laughed at me for being a fool and it hurt me but that kid in me has kept me going this far. They […]

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Chỉ một lần vấp ngã

Chỉ một lần thôi nhé Vấp ngã với những sai lầm Cố quên hết tất cả Giận hờn yêu thương lạc lối Tìm một nơi bình yên Thời gian quay châm Thắp sáng con đường tối tăm Với bao khát khao cuộc đời Tìm lại quá khứ Với bao giấc mơ tuyệt vời Dù ngày […]

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Feel me!

… I am still here and you’re still there I know … And I’m scared you’ll leave me with no way home. … See I’ve got so many keys to these doors. I feel trapped in here, but I still want more… Let me out of here and please don’t ignore me. … can you feel, […]

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I know a man with nothing in his hands, nothing but a rolling stone He told me about when his house burnt down, he lost everything he owned He lay asleep for six whole weeks, they were gonna ask his mother to choose When he woke up with nothing, he said I’ll tell you something […]

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