[Y&I] Meant to be…

(~^_^~) The fool tends to love more, do more… I am already a fool to follow this road, being in Germany … but… I … I have no regret, even though they laughed at me for being a fool and it hurt me but that kid in me has kept me going this far. They […]

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[Love] Love in everything

A year indeed changed me a lot! 🙂 I put love into everything I do. It hurts of course but it’s worth it for my personal growth… You are part of it too. I guess I put my love in you and it has grown without my noticing… “We’re all hoping, we’re all hopeless We’re […]

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Through Thick And Thin

I was deeply touched by this poem. 🙂 I could skip a heartbeat, and I would survive, I could be in a car crash, and still be alive. The clouds could fall out of the sky, The oceans could disappear, and all turn dry. These things in life are all bad I know, but there’s […]

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Hẹn gặp anh ở Venice

Venice về đêm cũng đẹp lạ lùng, khởi hành từ nhà ga Venice-Mestre để đến sân bay tiễn Hải đi Pháp, An ngắm Venice chạy vút qua ô cửa của toa tàu, Hải ngồi cạnh cô, cũng trầm ngâm không nói. … An gục mặt vào đống sách cao ngất trong một góc phòng đọc […]

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